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Al Vernacchio’s Sexual Education Speech Compares Sex to Pizza

 - Jul 17, 2013
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Speaker Al Vernacchio compares having sex to ordering a pizza in this sexual education speech. Vernacchio points out that Americans currently use baseball metaphors to discuss sex. For example, having sex is referred to as scoring or hitting a home run. Everyone has heard the terms first, or second base used to describe sexual advancements. However, Vernacchio believes ordering a pizza is a more fitting metaphor for sex and explains why it could be helpful in terms of sex education.

Vernacchio says that when two people order a pizza together they’ll discuss what their preferences are and come to an agreement. This is also something that sexual partners should be discussing. He also explains that while baseball ends with someone winning and someone losing, eating pizza results in satisfaction for everyone participating (if they’re lucky).

Vernacchio makes a convincing case for using pizza as a metaphor for sex.