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This Aliveness Speech by Bruce Muzik is Honest and Eye-Opening

 - Sep 28, 2012
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In this aliveness speech, Bruce Muzik opens up with the audience in a way that most public speakers would not. The topic of his keynote is about keeping secrets and how this can cast a dark cloud over someone's entire life. Everyone has a secret and until they are ready to open up about it, they can never live a satisfying or liberated life.

Muzik's own secret was that he was a racist for 28 long years of his life. To overcome his fear of black people, he moved to a village in south Africa where he was the only white person for five miles. This experience was both humbling and life-changing.

Muzik explains that self-liberation comes at the price of getting out of your comfort zone, something he definitely experienced in the village. People have become so good to looking outside themselves to get their fix of aliveness -- sex, drugs, extreme sports, gambling -- but it is always fleeting. Being honest with yourself and the people in your life will far outweigh the consequences of holding it in.