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Noel Biderman Discusses Marriage in This Monogamy Disassociation Speech

 - May 6, 2013
References: noelbiderman & youtube
The sanctity of marriage is often revered by many people as a facet that shouldn't be trifled with, but Noel Biderman discusses in this monogamy disassociation speech how the notion of monogamy can be overlooked.

In a marriage, certain priorities take precedence over others such as children, finances, shelter, but sex isn't a priority in most marriages as Biderman discusses. The value of sex is important and shouldn't be undermined.

Sex isn't an essential component to a marriage, but is still important, which creates this disassociation in many relationships. Biderman discusses how having an affair allows people to stay in marriages that would've otherwise eroded, if it weren't for the sexual gratifications individuals acquired outside of the marriage.

Society has been conditioned into thinking that affairs are committed by awful individuals, but each affair is unique and shouldn't be judge so readily.