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A Mobility Integration Keynote by Marco Beghin

 - May 2, 2013
References: youtube
In regular office settings, desks and chairs have a constant presence, but those same objects may impede on the creativity and productivity of a company, as discussed by Marco Beghin in his mobility integration keynote.

Mobility affects multiple aspects of a person's life, such as social interaction, organizational work environment and their relationship with the community. Beghin discusses in his keynote that being physically inactive during those long hours of work greatly hinders the works process of people.

The human body wasn't made for constant sitting. People create relationships with an array of objects, which forces them to physically adjust themselves to accommodate to those objects.

Beghin discusses how making the drastic change of removing a desk and a chair in his workplace drastically improves his creativity and work habits. By introducing mobility, Beghin impacts his organization in a positive way.