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Andrew Hoppin Leverages Digital Media in This Political Impact Keynote

 - Aug 5, 2012
References: globehoppin & vimeo
Andrew Hoppin, former Chief Information Officer of the New York State Senate, shows the need for transparency in this political impact keynote. Hoppin believes that there is a need to leverage digital media in order to empower and inform citizens about their government. Using his own experience with New York State, Hoppins points out how matters from school zoning to gay marriage laws are decided by the government, and are issues that citizens should be a part of.

The goal of Hoppin's team when working with the New York State was to update the digital media of the government in order to create a transparent, participatory and efficient legislative body. Some of the changes made in the web 2.0 website included calendars, bills, comments, live debate streams and open data.

Hoppin demonstrates how citizens can truly be the government with the use digital media in this political impact keynote.