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In Her Talk on Sex, Student Thea Holcomb Discusses Its Myths

 - Jun 2, 2017
References: youtube
Thea Holcomb, a 17-year-old student with a flair for dry comedy, delivers a talk on sex to break a few of the myths that some of her peers might have associated with it due to a lack of education, or a series of common misconceptions that have been perpetuated in schools and on the web.

She starts out by going over some of the faulty advice teens have been given, such as the idea that all sex leads to pregnancy, and the use of graphic images of STIs to deter them from engaging in it. By showing the issues with these ideas, as well as those that wrongfully state that methods of contraception frequently fail, and that all women should save themselves for marriage, Halcomb prompts her audience to think critically, and empower themselves to make more informed decisions.

By breaking down the myths and functioning a peer educator, Halcomb's talk on sex is efficient, informative, and entertaining -- making it easy for her audience to get the information they need, and understand the biases that influence the false information that's often shared regarding the matter.