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Tracee Ellis Ross' Talk on Promoting Women's Anger in a Positive Way

 - May 11, 2018
References: ted & ted
Tracee Ellis Ross, a global influencer, actress and co-founder of the Time's Up movement, performed a keynote speech for TED Talks on the fact that the world's population of women have a well-deserved fury inside of them that brings forward unique wisdom.

Ross opens up by defining the word fury in the context of women, from the fact that certain men feel as though they are able to help themselves to women's bodies without any consent. This feeling of entitlement has been going on for years, triggering discomfort and distress as well as other unspoken experiences from generations of women before the current. Ross states that the global connection of women's experiences is no longer being ignored, that Time's Up on stating that women are simply overreacting. She also stresses that culture is shifting and that men and women need to move towards equality by positively embracing women's natural fury.

Tracee Ellis Ross encourages women to acknowledge individual fury, sharing it in a safe space as it is not something to be afraid of -- a women's fury holds a lifetime of wisdom that should be shared and accepted.