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Wende Zomnir's Talk on Beauty Perspectives Highlights Industry Change

 - Apr 13, 2018
References: urbandecay & youtube
Wende Zomnir, the Chief Creative Officer and Founding Partner of popular beauty brand Urban Decay, recently delivered a talk on beauty perspectives for a TEDxSaheHillSchool event.

Throughout her talk, she considers how she views makeup as a way to show a person's unique sense self-expression, rather than as a means to cover flaws or alter their natural features. She explains that in the mid-90s, she had the opportunity to be apart of a movement, which saw the the industry definition of beauty expanded to become more inclusive. Before the beauty industry started to embrace the concept of makeup as a tool of self-expression, it was all about pushing a single ideal standard that was defined by male executives, and pressuring women into meeting these impossible presentations.

When Urban Decay launched, Zomnir was focused on changing the industry entirely, by giving the power of makeup back to the consumer, and encouraging them to use it how they pleased. She continues her talk by considering the immense impact social media has had on the industry and how products are used, with YouTube gurus helping to promote smaller brands and demonstrate different ways to get edgy looks. Zomnir concludes by sharing her desire to continue to evolve the industry, which she believes has shifted from an autocracy to a true democracy for the better.