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Lauren Singer Talks About How to Live a Sustainable Life

 - Aug 4, 2017
References: trashisfortossers & youtube
Known for her blog 'Trash is for Tossers,' Lauren Singer discusses how she has managed to produce only a small jar of trash in the past three years.

While taking Environmental Studies at NYU, Singer decided to live a sustainable, zero waste lifestyle in order to do her part in lessening the strain that garbage has on the environment. She reduced her trash output in four significant ways – she stopped buying packaged foods, started making her own beauty and hygiene products, started shopping secondhand, and she downsized and only focused on things that she truly needed. The benefits of her lifestyle are that she spends less money, she eats better, and she now lives in direct alignment with her values.

Lauren Singer offers viewers a few simple steps if they too would like to reduce the amount of waste they produce. She encourages them to look at their trash and understand what they produce the most of, start by doing small things since overtime they'll have a large scale impact, and learn how to DIY.