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Dr. Triona McGrath Gives a Sobering Speech on Ocean Acidification

 - Jun 8, 2017
References: youtube & ted
In her TED talk, Dr. Triona McGrath gives viewers important information about how ocean acidification is affecting our planet right now, and how it will continue to do so in the future.

Dr. McGrath describes this phenomenon as "the evil twin of climate change," which could have extremely adverse affects to marine life. The ocean provides half the oxygen we need, moderates our climate, provides jobs and medicine, and functions as a major food source for the human population. Ocean acidification occurs as a result of the increase in absorption of carbon dioxide that the world's oceans are dealing with, as a direct result of human activity and our rising carbon emissions – which ultimately lowers ocean water's pH. This is already having adverse effects on marine life, and if we don't slow our carbon emissions, scientists are expecting a 170% increase of pH in the world's oceans by 2100.

The solution that Dr. McGrath provides to this enormous issue is the importance of lowering our carbon emissions, something that many countries are slowly but surely committing to.