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In Her Talk on Imperfection, Kamakshi Khanna Considers Artistic Meaning

 - Jun 14, 2017
References: soundcloud & youtube
Kamakshi Khanna, a singer, composer, and songwriter who's from Delhi, starts out her talk on imperfection with a song, which functions as a great introduction to her analysis of different production techniques, as well as how art is a subjective subject that truly has no right or wrong answers.

Khanna continues her talk on imperfection by comparing sensations and legends -- linking artists like Etta James, B.B. King, and Michael Jackson to the latter. She says that it's artists like these that have faced adversity due to their desire to promote a vision that falls out of what society has grown accustomed to, but as a result, they've become immortal in that their stories and style will always live on.

Khanna explains that what's most special about legends is their ability to feel comfortable in their own skin, and allow their story and talent to speak for themselves rather than their branding or physical appearance. With this, Khanna considers how materialism has affected the ability for the "perfectly imperfect legend" to flourish, and reminds her audience to let their music speak for itself.