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Rhiannon Giddens Gives a Uniquely Structured TED Talk

 - Jun 8, 2017
References: rhiannongiddens & ted
Rhiannon Giddens is a Grammy-nominated country, blues and folk artist who recently performed at a TED Talk, where she sang and spoke about history through covers of songs, and also performed an original song.

Giddens performed the song "Waterboy," and "Up Above My Head," as well as "Lonesome Road" by Sister Rosetta Tharp – one of the first musicians to perform gospel music inspired by rhythm-and-blues and a great influence on many of the first rock and roll musicians – including Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, and Chuck Berry.

Rhiannon Giddens also performed "Come Love Come," a song that was inspired by the many readings she has being doing about slavery, the Civil War, and the personal narratives of those who experienced slavery in the United States.