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Makenna Lenover's Feminist Speech Supports Human Rights as a Whole

 - Dec 5, 2014
In her feminist speech, high school senior Makenna Lenover explains why everyone should be a feminist. Referencing Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's part in Beyonce's hit song 'Flawless,' the speaker has two issues with modern day feminism that she believes prevents others from supporting women's rights.

The first is the connotation many people have with the label. Theoretically, feminism refers to the belief in the social, political and economic equality of the sexes. However, common and untrue stereotypes stop people from seeing the movement or concept as a whole.

The second barrier the feminist speech identifies is priorities within feminism. She feels the United States is focused too locally and should redefine feminism by broadening its feminist agenda to ensure the human rights of women around the world. For example, while feminists in America fight to close the wage gap, in other counties women can't work at all.

The feminist speech encourages all people to lend their voice to those who are unable to speak out. She refers to humanism as the bandaid of feminism and states if you care about human rights, by default you care about women's rights.