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James Victore Evokes Changes in This Meaningful Work Keynote

 - Aug 15, 2012
References: jamesvictore & vimeo
Author and rogue designer James Victore entertainingly delivers advice for creatives in this meaningful work keynote. Victore lives by the mantra that it is in the particular that the universal lays. The implication of Victore’s phrase is that by placing personal stories and interests in your work, it will be empathized by its viewer. In short, by trying to make meaningful work for ourselves it will resonate with others. Using the example of a musician writing a song, Victore demonstrates how it is not the marketing executive creating the vision for the song, but instead the feelings from the real life experiences of the musician that dictate their work.

Victore then emphasizes the point that we must think of our work as a gift that we are given everyday. By doing this, people will radically change what they are creating to making it more important to them. Throughout this meaningful work keynote, James Victore’s no-holds barred personality is positively inspiring.