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Daniel Pink Gives a Motivation Founded Keynote to Push People to Excel

 - Aug 7, 2012
References: youtube
Politically and socially renowned speaker Daniel Pink takes on what gives people drive with his motivation founded keynote. He goes through some of the psychological and monetary motivations to understand what makes peoples go.

Pink explains that when people are not paid enough, they are not motivated. Autonomy, mastery and purpose are ultimately exactly what is needed for employees. When they can "self-direct," they can drive themselves, which is ultimately the best way to motivate employees. When employees are driven to become the best at what they do, they can master and push themselves. However, one of the most meaningful assets to motivation that must be found from within is purpose. If what employees are working on fulfils their purpose or works toward their idea of it, they are incredibly more likely to put that much more work into it.