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Tony Fadell Shares His Creative Process in This Design Solution Keynote

 - Jul 28, 2012
References: nest & vimeo
The founder and CEO of Nest Labs Tony Fadell shares his insights in this Design Solution Keynote. Fadell has helped to create incredible products that have disrupted industries and helped improve the way one lives.

After nearly 30 years in the technology industry, Fadell speaks to the fact that his source of creativity is found in his frustration. When Fadell looks at the world, he peers into different products and asks what is wrong with them or why doesn't a certain product exist yet. This drives the curiosity to challenge the world and attempt to build it differently.

Fadell describes what should be expected after an idea is formed and when products begin to become prototypes. During this time, one of the key aspects of prototyping is not to make products filled with flash, but about the user experience. Through this, a product should be examined on how it is going to change things and how people will interact with it.

Finally, Fadell concludes with the idea that one must embrace self-doubt because if a project does not cause doubt then it is not pushing the boundaries far enough.