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This Employee Relationship Keynote by Maile Lesica Shows How to Control ADHD

 - Aug 7, 2012
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Graduate student at Stanford Graduate School of Business Maile Lesica, who has ADHD, discusses the disorder and how managers can maximize a relationship with an employee who suffers from ADHD in this employee relationship keynote.

First, she begins by explaining to the audience how ADHD affects someone's everyday life. She recognizes building strong relationships as one of the biggest challenges for individuals diagnosed with ADHD (which, is seven percent in the United States and believed by doctors to be under-diagnosed).

Lesica then introduces the four Cs to help individuals maximize a relationship with someone who has ADHD. The Cs include coaching, clarity, creativity and catalyst. Individuals who suffer from ADHD perform better when held to a commitment or when provided with clear directions as to what to and how to do it. This employee relationship is highly useful as not many would think to cover this at business conference.