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In His Talk on Happiness, Jake Gellis Considers Perspective

 - Apr 28, 2017
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Jake Gellis, a small business owner and a dancer, explains how he was able to flip his reality by changing his perspective in his talk on happiness.

He says that in order to get to that point, he had to go through some really rough patches first. This included a total of 12 untimely funerals that took place is a short span of time -- including his grandmother, as well as his father. Six months afterwards, he went through a divorce. To cope, he started drinking excessively to suppress his feelings, which led to more substance abuse.

Eventually, he went to his friend and dance teacher Andre, who he considers to be one of his greatest mentors. He started to get into popping at this time, which allowed him to create illusions with his body, and bond with Andre through hours of practice. When he was dancing, he finally felt happy because he was truly having fun.

Through dancing, Gellis learned that he needed to find his passion in order to get out of the darkness that he was experiencing. He finishes his talk on happiness by inviting his audience to clap their hands and stomp their feet to create music while he dances -- in order to demonstrate just how free it makes him feel.