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Tobi Oredein Considers Representation in Her Talk on the Beauty Industry

 - Aug 10, 2017
References: ted & youtube
Tobi Oredein, an international public speaker and a journalist, delivers a talk on the beauty industry during a TEDxTottenham event.

She begins by telling her audience about how she used to love watching her mother apply makeup when she was little. During this time, she would also come with her mother when she would buy new products, and recounts the memories as a positive experience in which she remembers her mother being "treated like a queen." However, when she eventually went to do the same, she found the experience to be much different from how it looked for her white mother.

Later on, Oredein came to realize that the othering of black women in the beauty industry reflects much of how they're treated elsewhere in society. A big part of this comes from the transcending nature of the beauty industry, and its ability to influence the media that's consumed by virtually everyone.

Throughout her talk on the beauty industry, Oredein delves into how problematic cultural appropriation has become, and how a lack of diversity in adverts has only perpetuated the problem further. With this, she encourages her audience to speak out against campaigns that exclusively celebrate white women, and to hold companies accountable for their choices.