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In Her Talk on Visual Art, Emily Parsons-Lord Speaks to the Earth's Beauty

 - Feb 15, 2017
References: emilyparsons-lord & youtube
Emily Parsons-Lord, a creative who uses her knowledge of climate research to her advantage, explains her perception of the influence of air in her talk on visual art.

She begins by telling her audience a few of the many ways that the air they breathe every day can change dramatically. She explains this by saying that "all life on earth changes the air through gas exchange." Once telling her audience this, she invites them to take a stab at it themselves, by taking a big breath in and out together. Through this example, Emily Parsons-Lord shows how air can be thought of in many different ways, as it is "simultaneously as small as our breathing and as big as the planet."

Due to this, it's difficult to image what the element really is in tactile terms. In her work, she aims to change this, by supplying visualizations to the way it interacts with humans. With her talk on visual art, Emily Parsons-Lord opens creative doors for her audience, as she prompts them to familiarize themselves with an entire invisible world that surrounds them and gives them life.