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Justine Musk Speaks to Struggle in Her Talk on Visionaries

 - Jun 1, 2017
References: ted & youtube
Justine Musk, a Canadian author and mother of five, starts out her talk on visionaries by explaining how she began a relationship with her ex-husband Elon Musk, the famed founder and CEO of SpaceX, as well as the co-founder of Tesla.

Justine says that when she was readying her talk on visionaries, she consulted Elon to ask if there was any advice he could give to members of the audience who might inspire to be like him one day. In response, he said that he wasn't so sure they'd want to know if they knew what it was really like to be him, due to the struggles he had to face on his path.

Justine continues her talk on visionaries by discussing the beauty of individuality, as well as the sense of otherness that they are likely to experience as a result, which can lead to a sense of shame. As an author, Justine is able to speak to the power of writing for some, and how it enables them to lead intellectually.

With her talk on visionaries, Justine discuses the merits of passion, and the need to consistently pursue one's obsessions. She says that allowing oneself to open up windows and lead can take some time, however the uniqueness of these people "bring light to the dark, and show us the universe."