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The Karl Seiler talk on innovation discusses the gap between accelerated advancements in technology...

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Karl Seiler's Lecture on Innovation Discusses the Struggle to Adapt

 - Jan 17, 2016
References: youtu.be
In his lecture on innovation, Karl Seiler discusses technology and acceleration. The entrepreneur and programmer states the "difference between the technical capability and readiness to deploy causes friction" and explores the disruption innovation's accelerated rate is potentially causing.

There is no denying technology is proliferating faster, ideas can spread quicker and more people are impacted sooner. This is happening because of population, access and value. The speaker emphasizes that the adoption curve has different phases, each with their own set of hurdles.

The lecture on innovation uses the Internet of Things to explain the mitigation of disruption and how to bring society along. The unprecedented acceleration rate of innovation is resulting in social, economic and legal systems struggling to adapt. He suggests bringing technological advancements and "civilization systems" closer together.