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The Speech About Dreams by Courtney Gras is on Experience

 - May 28, 2017
In her speech about dreams, Courtney Gras shares her personal journey, which demonstrates why we need to empower young entrepreneurs. The engineer and entrepreneur believed she was raised to be unemployable because of her home schooled upbringing. She poses a profound question: do you do what society says and choose to stay in your comfort zone, or do you dare allow the questions in your mind to be answered. Her pursuit of the latter led her to leave her dream job at NASA to focus on a company she started by accident.

The speech about dreams states that if everything went according to our own plans, life wouldn't be very interesting. Even when a toxic environment led her to move on again, she holds onto the belief her happiness and fulfillment is found on other side of her greatest fears. She states success is never tired to the organization you work for or achievement of your goals, but rather in experience of chasing your dreams.