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Tom Otton Considers His Personal Struggles in His Talk on Determination

 - May 24, 2017
References: ted & youtube
To start off his talk on determination, Tom Otton starts out by divulging that he was diagnosed with cancer nine years ago, which he was fortunate enough to survive by undergoing surgery.

After being diagnosed, Otton was faced with a sense of regret, as he was given a bleak survival rate that caused him to consider what was lacking from his life up until that point. He tells his audience of the three most common regrets that author Bronnie Ware cited, which include wishes to live a life that's true to oneself, having the courage to express feelings, and simply allowing oneself to be happy.

Throughout his talk on determination, Otton explores the need for one to give up on the excuses they often give to prevent themselves from having the courage to truly do what they want. He says that it's these excuses that lead to regrets, and prevent one from seeking adventure on their own terms.

For Otton, his self-awareness of this meant discovering a passion for physical adventure, which allowed him to set greater goals for himself and change his behavior for the better. With this, Otton inspires his audience to chase goals and support themselves in achieving them, so that they'll truly understand what they're capable of, and then make more educated life decisions that will lead to fulfillment.