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Stephen Hayes Shares Stories in This Wisdom & Attention Keynote

 - Jun 15, 2012
References: skhquest & youtube
Martial arts legend Stephen Hayes discusses his quest for personal development and spiritual enlightenment in this wisdom and attention keynote.

The founder of To-Shin Do Kasumi-An Ninja Martial Arts has always had a passion for adventure ever since he was a child reading James Bond novels. Throughout his life Hayes had the opportunity to go to places and do things that would bring out the best in him, an approach that allowed him to pinpoint and build upon the skills that he wanted to develop. By playing around, paying attention and being open to new opportunities Stephen Hayes was able to discern between what was important and meaningful and what was distraction.

Ending his speech Hayes encourages that people not only find and follow their dream but to enjoy it and share that motivation with others so that they too can be moved to find their calling.