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Bill Nye's Comet Speech Reflects on the Rosetta Comet

 - Nov 13, 2014
References: youtube
Popular scientist and personality Bill Nye shares in his comet speech his predictions for how space will change once the Rosetta comet mission ends. While space is an ongoing plethora of mystery to many of us, Philae's landing on the Rosetta comet will revolutionize the universe as we know it.

Philae, the name given to the probe that will land onto the Rosetta comet, will achieve a status of greatness as a 10 year long mission finally comes to an end. The meeting of Philae and Rosetta will no doubt lead to a series of unimaginable breakthroughs and adventures. While unearthing new aspects of the universe are key, according to Nye adventures are the most important part of the process because they unlock excitement. As Nye puts it so elegantly,"We'll make discoveries that nobody's imagined yet."