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Carrie Hammer's Talk on Beauty Considers the Importance of Role Models

Carrie Hammer, a body positive activist and a fashion designer who creates professional apparel for women, begins her talk on beauty by telling her audience that a reported four percent of women find themselves to be beautiful, a depressing stat that's largely influenced by the media that they consume. She shows the problem with this by stating that feeling beautiful can prevent women from feeling powerful as a result, causing them to opt out of opportunities that are available to them to avoid being judged for their appearance.

Next, Hammer continues her talk by explaining the "beauty gap," a term that refers to the unrealistic images that are perpetuated in the industry that women are expected to compare themselves to. This includes extreme photoshopping, using body doubles, presenting pre-teen girls as full-grown women, and much more. These tools are now readily available to the public, through editing apps like 'Facetune,' which allow social media users to edit their faces and bodies so that they're more in step with current beauty ideals. This delusion has altered the public's perception, and caused people to be unhappy with how they look.

In order to combat this, Hammer created her own clothing line that she would be comfortable wearing, and decided to present her first collection on the runway with role models, rather than professional models. These amazing women walked the runway and exuded a sense of confidence that got people talking, as others finally saw people who they could relate to represented in the industry. With her talk on beauty, Hammer prompts her audience to support diverse representations on the runway, and to speak out against the problematic images that are perpetuated in order to make a difference.