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Musimbi Kanyoro Delivered a Talk on Women's Opportunity for TED

Dr. Musimbi Kanyoro, the CEO of the Global Fund for Women, recently delivered a talk on women's opportunity for TED, in which she highlights the need to invest in the girls and women around the world by giving them access to vital resources and education.

She begins her talk by outlining the ideas behind "isirika," which is a teaching that highlights the importance of acting with mutual responsibility, for the betterment of everyone. From here, she considers some of the dramatic improvements that are seen when the needs of everyone are accounted for, rather than just those of the most privileged.

Most specifically, Kanyoro shows the improvements that are seen when the ideas for women are given more power in their communities. With her talk on women's opportunity, Kanyoro considers the collective gain that can come from involving those whose voices are so often silenced, and inspires her audience to support the resources that are currently available to them, as well as to further develop them.