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Jo Cribb Exposes Workplace Inequality in Her Talk on the Pay Gap

 - Jun 28, 2017
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In her talk on the pay gap, New Zealand civil servant Jo Cribb considers how workplace sexism is often left unchecked due to a lack of transparency among employers.

She starts out by talking about the elated feeling she had when she promoted at work, which later turned to anger when she learned that she was being paid far less than all of the men on her team. This exposure to the injustice that existed within her own workplace caused Cribb to become an activist.

Throughout her talk on the pay gap, Cribb explains why men used to be payed more, and how the ideas that were perpetuated so long ago continue to prevent women from being given what they deserve. In order to make an impact on this, Cribb has spoken to both men and women in different sectors, which has allowed her to see the destructive thinking that both tend to have regarding the matter.

By exposing the issues that continue to prevent equality in the workplace from progressing, Cribb motivates her audience to ask for more transparency so that they can see exactly where improvements can be made, and so that employers are held responsible for making changes.