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Liz Ogbu's Keynote on Gentrification Defines Conscious Redevelopment

 - Apr 20, 2018
References: lizogbu & youtube
Liz Ogbu, a urbanist, designer, and social innovator, worked with TED to deliver an informative keynote on gentrification, which considers architectural impacts from a different perspective.

She begins by talking about the power that physical space can play, describing the monuments that have been created for "the haves, rather than the have nots." More often than not, these monuments tend to honor rich white males, while "bulldozing other people's stories." Keeping this in mind, Ogbu has made it a priority to elevate the voices that have been silenced in her work, and to give them the spacial justice they deserve.

She continues by considering a community she was tasked with redeveloping, located near an old power plant. Working with a team of designers, Ogbu helped to provide the space with necessary resources and housing, while ensuring that the people who called it home were not displaced through gentrification.

With her keynote on gentrification, Ogbu shows how areas can be redeveloped with respect to those who live there, and how cities must be created through a process of listening, rather than silencing. She also prompts those with privilege to be aware of the processes that displace those around them, and to not be passive in the damage that can be done as a result.