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Lori Harder Considers Bullying in Her Talk on Strength

 - Aug 5, 2017
References: loriharder & youtube
Lori Harder, an author, motivational speaker, and model, begins her talk on strength by taking her audience back to their childhoods. This leads her into the subject of confidence, as she remembers when she was 11 years old and was eager to perform.

During this time, she was invited to a pool party with some friends, where she was mocked for being overweight. Instantly, she felt all of her confidence diminish and she was filled with shame. This shift in self-perception caused her to grow stronger in the long-term however, as she learned that one grows stronger after experiencing failure if they're motivated to overcome their obstacles.

By relaying her experiences with bullying, Harder shows her audience how she reacted to her uncomfortable situation by empowering herself. Although this can manifest in many different ways for each individual, Harder found strength in fitness. With her talk on strength, Harder demonstrates how struggle can motivate someone to grow, and shows her audience how they can stay positive and reach their goals.