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The talk by Emily Balcetis focuses on how personal perspective affects how easy or difficult people...

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Emily Balcetis's Exercise Talk Explains How Perspective Alters Motivation

 - Nov 26, 2014
References: youtu.be
In her exercise talk, Emily Balcetis discusses how perceptions and motivations are affected by how we view exercise. The speaker asserts what people see is affected by their mind's eye. She proves this by explaining vision scientists believe the amount of information humans can focus on is very small; the size is the equivalent of the surface area of the thumb on an outstretched arm. Therefore, the rest of our environment becomes ambiguous and perception is subjective.

The exercise talk demonstrates how the mind's eye might work against people through a number of experiments the speaker and social psychologist performed. This involved asking questions about why some people see exercise as easier or more difficult. A resulting strategy called Keep Your Eyes on the Prize is a directive that made a 30% difference in changing perceptions.