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This Jane Fonda TED Talk Explores the Benefits of Aging

 - Feb 2, 2012
References: janefonda & youtu.be
This enlightening Jane Fonda TED talk examines the Oscar-winning actress, activist and fitness guru's take on the aging process. Fonda discusses a new way to approach the last three decades of life, what she calls 'the third act.'

She examines the classic metaphors for aging and suggests that aging equals an upward ascension of the human spirit, comparing it to a staircase. The actress and guru encourages individuals to see age as potential rather than as pathology.

Despite many apprehensions, Fonda describes her own feelings of well-being after the age of 50. After 50, individuals are less stressed and less anxious. Though 1/3 of aging is based on genetics, the remaining 2/3 can be controlled by individuals who aim to make their lives successful and happy. Fonda stresses that though everything follows the process of entropy, eventually declining, an exception exists and it is the human spirit, which is always ascending, growing in wisdom and enlightenment.