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Tumblr Creator David Karp Talks About His Personalized Business Model

 - Jan 29, 2012
References: davidslog & youtu.be
Tumblr creator David Karp talks about his brand and describes the beginnings of an Internet sensation. He describes how he fused a successful business model along with his need to express himself creatively.

David recalls searching for a site that could cater to his personality and describes how he was unable to find something that he was exactly looking for. From creativity, spawned a business model that the CEO describes as a labor of love.

Karp encourages CEOs to enjoy what they do and states that success follows personal satisfaction. When one finds enjoyment in their career, they are able to put their best foot forward, giving their all when it comes to furthering their brand.

He illustrates his love for what he does, encouraging others to invest themselves into something that they truly enjoy, believing that success comes shortly after.