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Giorgia Lupi's Data Discussion Applies Analytics to Daily Life

 - May 5, 2017
References: youtube
Giorgia Lupi runs a data visualization company, and in her data dicussion, she looks at ways in which we can apply the emergent field to people's lives.

In an ever more mediated day-to-day existence, metrics are being collected about people almost non-stop. Some of these are collected without our conscious action, such as social media behaviors or smartphone use. Other metrics are willingly accepted and fostered, as is the case with the growing popularity of wearable fitness trackers. In either case, the most common methods for displaying these metrics do little to emphasize the human being behind the data.

Lupi believes that humanizing data isn't about changing the metrics but rather about changing presentation. For instance, she and fellow data visualization expert Stephanie Posavec used their own hand drawn visualizations to depict their personalities though the behaviors they recorded about themselves over the course of a year.