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Michelle Obama Discusses Health in This Nutritional Speech

 - May 3, 2013
References: barackobama & youtube
During this inspiring and motivational nutritional speech, Michelle Obama discusses the launch of the nation-wide campaign 'Let's Move,' which focuses on the goal to end childhood obesity.

Michelle Obama is passionately poised as she talks about the strategies required to accomplish the Let's Move goals. She believes that no family should have to spend a fortune on high-priced, low-quality foods because of a lack of nutritional options and that no child should be consigned to a life of poor health because of the neighborhood they grew up in.

Let's Move is a campaign with a single goal: to end the epidemic of childhood obesity in a generation so that kids born today can grow up healthy. Michelle states that the Let's Move campaign will help families and communities make healthier decisions for their kids.

Throughout her nutritional speech, Michelle Obama discusses the importance of providing parents with the tools and the information they need to make healthy choices for their kids. She highlights the need for better nutritional labeling and proposes obesity screening for children.

Michelle is working with food suppliers to get more nutritious foods in schools with less sugars and salts and working with fitness professionals to find new ways to get kids more active.