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The Alisa Vitti Wellness Speech Connects the Body and Mind

 - Oct 2, 2012
References: floliving & youtube
The Alisa Vitti wellness keynote speech talks about how our bodies and our minds are interconnected. After being diagnosed with Stein Leventhal disorder, she was told that her body would be on a destructive path, with the risk of getting cancer, heart disease, obesity and infertility in her lifetime. From there she went on to experiment with different medicines and holistic healing. She found out that through food, she could basically reboot her whole body. So she became a functional nutritionist, and later started her own company to help women suffering from similar health issues.

She shares stories of different women she treated and the almost miraculous results that followed. She says that if women are in line with their internal ecosystems then that can begin to change the rest of their lives. When your body is aligned, then your mind is clear and your energy levels will be up, allowing you to do whatever you want.

Vitti goes on to talk about how a woman's body works and how everything is interconnected. She teaches women how to take charge and master their environments during certain times in their cycles. This is a very interesting and informative keynote that's worth checking out.