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Roger Frampton's Fitness Speech Encourages Childlike Movement

 - Jan 25, 2017
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Roger Frampton is an international model and physical trainer who's fitness speech focuses on new ways in which humans can, and should, be exercising and resting their bodies.

In the speech, Frampton talks about the aspirations he had as a child to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger. He learned that to do this he would have to do repeated muscle repetitions with heavier and heavier weights -- isolating his muscles and building them slowly that way. Later on in life Frampton learned the benefits of focusing on posture and movement in exercise and in daily life. Rather than focusing on repeated movements, people should focus on form, posture and forgo unnatural resting positions like sitting.

For people looking to be in better physical form, Frampton offers new ways in which people engage their bodies and approach their daily lives.