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Pico Iyer's Talk on Rest Explains How Being Still Changes Mindsets

 - Nov 28, 2014
References: youtu.be
In his talk on rest, Pico Iyer discusses how meaningful stillness can be. The travel writer beautifully explains magic doesn't exist unless you have the right perspective. The speaker believes the best way to develop a more attentive and appreciative outlook is by being still.

He describes in his talk on rest how a break allows us to sift through our "slideshow of experience" and make sense of past events and future ones. This also enables us to figure out what moves us most and where our happiness lives. Essentially, stillness turns experience into lasting insight and is about gaining perspective.

The talk on rest acknowledges this is not a new idea, but puts it into modern context where the demand for our attention and selves is greater than ever due to technology. Iyer observes technology hasn't given us the wisest sense of how to actually use it.