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Speaker Pico Iyer's Home Defining Speech Breaks Down What Home Means

 - Jul 18, 2013
References: facebook & youtu.be
Speaker and travel writer Pico Iyer's home defining speech examines the possible meanings of the word home and then breaks down how he himself defines the word. Iyer has Indian roots, but has never lived in India. He attended school in England, but no longer lives there. Occasionally Iyer lives in the United States, where he is listed as a permanent alien. He also loves to live in Japan when he can. So where is Iyer's home?

He believes that one can't define home by where they were born, where they pay taxes, or even where their doctors are. Iyer defines home as being the place where he is with his friends and family. He says it's the place that means the most to him. Iyer explains that people are becoming extremely diverse and well traveled, so home gets harder to define. However, individuals are in a position where they can shape their lives, and create their own sense of home.

Iyer's keynote demonstrates that very traditionally defined concepts -- such as the home and the family -- are transforming completely.