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Anatole Faykin Embraces Life Abroad

 - Jan 22, 2012
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Anatole Faykin discusses his experiences living abroad, stating the importance of seeing as much as we can as individuals before the end of our lives. He believes that individuals live differently abroad, having different attitudes and views towards the world. Faykin discusses the openness one feels while traveling, exploring how individuals interact, learn and gain cultural experience when in a foreign place.

The web developer refuses to see travel as the act of checking off a box and instead encourages travelers to experience life in another part of the world. Faykin believes that living abroad is the root of gaining insight, stressing the importance of experiencing all that a place has to offer.

Learning about a foreign place changes individuals' views on information, politics, the news and the media, making a visit abroad beneficial in getting informed in an honest and non-misconstrued way.