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Photographer Camille Seaman Discusses the Importance of Icebergs

 - Jan 9, 2012
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Camille Seaman is a photographer who has dedicated her career to traveling the world to capture stunning photographs of icebergs. In this brief speech, Camille Seaman shares a variety of truly captivating images and even a video of various icebergs that she has collected during her career.

As she explains in her speech, her goal when documenting icebergs is to demonstrate to people that humans are not separate from nature and that everything is connected. She describes icebergs as integral components in the cycle of life, as they provide mineral-rich water that is consumed by humans and other organisms. During Camille Seaman's speech, she reminds the audience of this point several times, noting that once an iceberg melts, it continues to play an exceedingly important role in the life cycle of humans, animals and the planet.