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Deepak Chopra's New Body Talk Discusses Fundamental Actions to Take

 - Jul 25, 2014
In his new body talk, Deepak Chopra encourages his audience to change their perspective of the physical body. Instead of a noun, he says we should think of it as an activity, a verb, a process. He explains humans are constantly in a river of change and transformation and your true self can't step into the same flesh and bones twice.

The new body talk explores how none of the atoms in your body are the ones you were born with. Once you understand your body is a process, you can engage in reinventing your body through simple and fundamental activities. These activities are sleep (so the body rejuvenates and repairs itself), meditation, movement (any type of exercise is healthy), diet (ideally one free of processed foods, that is plant-based and includes both fish and olive oil), cultivating positive emotions and emotional well-being. Setting the intention you will enjoy a healthy body, alert mind, peace, joy, love, compassion, empathy and experience lightness of the soul is also important.