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Luke Durward’s Healthy Eating Presentation Suggests Reducing Temptation

 - May 9, 2014
In this healthy eating presentation, Luke Durward shares the simple secret to making a nutritional lifestyle change work for you. The York University kinesiology student shares his personal experience controlling the whole food-based diet of his younger brother.

According to his healthy eating presentation, the key is making one’s environment work for his or her goals, rather than against them. In practice, this means replacing bad or unhealthy options with good ones. By taking willpower out of the equation and minimizing difficult decisions, it is less of a challenge to stick to a diet or healthy lifestyle change.

Durward suggests identifying trigger foods and not buying them or keeping them in the house. By saving these junk foods for special occasions, healthy eating becomes the default and not the exception.

Following this rule carefully, Durward’s 11 year old brother lost an average of half a pound per day, or 18 pounds in 36 days.