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Tom Wujec On How the Brain Creates Meaning & the Effects On Problem-Solving

 - Jan 11, 2012
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Tom Wujec, one of the world's leading experts on innovation, discusses the ways the brain creates meaning and the effects this has on problem-solving. Tom Wujec believes that the more we know about how the brain works and understands ideas, the better we can communicate with one another and create something new.

Tom begins his speech by explaining the three parts of the brain used when trying to understand and give meaning to something new. The Ventral stream of the brain first recognizes what it is looking at; this is when someone's brain associates an image with a word. Next, the brain will locate this object in physical body space through the Dorsal stream. Lastly, the Limbic system pinpoints any strong emotions or attachments to an object to help make a connection.

Tom Wujec offers this explanation as an alternative method to helping businesses, organizations or teams solve problems. By creating an visual and interactive experience, individuals will be more likely to attach meaning to an idea, and thus possess a better understanding.