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Arianna Huffington's Brain Maintenance Talk Considers Meditation

 - Jul 10, 2014
References: youtube
Arianna Huffington's brain maintenance talk begins with her describing how getting more sleep revolutionized her life.

Huffington has been a very vocal proponent for the miracle drug we call "sleep" for some time now. In fact, she insists that making the switch from 4-5 hours of sleep to 7-8 hours of sleep transformed her life. However, Huffington understands the magnetic pull that our devices (such as smartphones and Netflix) have on us, especially around bedtime. She advises us to start small, simply adding 30 minutes to our usual sleep time. Huffington notes that, "We have a lot more discretionary time than we think."

Huffington goes on to discuss the benefits of meditation. She cautions us from feeling discouraged if we cannot seem to quell our steady stream of thoughts, worries and concerns. Instead, Huffington urges us to recognize that the "thoughts will keep coming." The most important take-away is keeping ourselves from attaching to these thoughts and finding stillness beyond them.