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Speaker Yaakov Stern is a professor of Clinical Neuropsychology in the Departments of Neurology,...

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Yaakov Stern's Sleep Study Speech Looks at Sleep Deprivation Effects

 - Aug 29, 2013
References: cumc.columbia.edu & youtu.be
Dr. Yaakov Stern examines the way that different people deal with sleep deprivation in this sleep study speech. Over the course of this speech, Stern discusses some of his experiments and reveals some reasons for why individuals respond well or poorly to sleep deprivation.

The research that Stern conducted focused on studying the brain before and after sleep deprivation set in. Stern discovered that some people are simply more susceptible to sleep deprivation. He tried stimulating some areas of the brain after sleep deprivation set in, and found that response times increased as a result.

Stern discusses a network within the brain that needs to be stimulated in order to handle sleep deprivation well. This subject is interesting because most people experience sleep deprivation regularly. But should individuals be looking to improve sleep deprived performance, or encouraging more rest?