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Speaker Till Roenneberg is a professor of chronobiology at the Institute of Medical Psychology,...

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Till Roenneberg's Sleep Keynote on Internal Clocks and Conditions

 - Aug 22, 2013
References: hup.harvard.edu & youtu.be
Till Roenneberg discusses sleep patterns in this intriguing sleep keynote. Roenneberg claims that one's internal clock controls the amount of sleep they get, when they go to bed and when they get up. Roenneberg talks about the connection between sunlight and internal clocks. Roenneberg examines a sleep map, which shows that the majority of people in Europe wake up late and go to bed late. He says that this is connected to the position of the sun.

Roenneberg says that people sleep more on free days than they do on work days. He also points out that the older that people get, the earlier they wake up in the morning. Roenneberg jokingly says that older men date younger women so that they can have breakfast together.