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Andrew Weil's Mental Health Keynote Dissects Some Lifestyles

 - Jul 13, 2013
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Dr. Andrew Weil discusses high depression rates in America in this mental health keynote. Weil compares different lifestyles and implies that the way people live from day to day is responsible for their overall well-being.

Weil says that undeveloped nations and societies have extremely low depression rates. This is interesting because their lifestyles are so radically different. Undeveloped societies are connected to nature, they eat unprocessed foods, stay active and get lots of sleep. Healthy active lifestyles can help combat depression in a way that pills don't.

Dr. Weil points out that depression rates in America are higher now than they were during the great depression. Instead of looking to anti-depressants or placebos for the solution, Weil suggests examining one's lifestyle, eating less processed or packaged food and being more active.