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Fabian Hemmert’s Digital Body Language Talk is Eye-Opening

 - Nov 13, 2013
References: youtu.be
In his digital body language talk, Fabian Hemmert examines how our bodies interact with the digital landscape. He notes the stressful nature of technology-interaction can be seen through the metaphor we use to describe it. For instance, we are often complaining about being "buried under e-mails," (suggesting that going through our inbox induces a suffocating sensation) or needing a "bigger hard-drive" (which suggest our bodies processes information as though it is a physical substance.)

Indeed, information consumption appears to be processed like food consumption, if we’re to pay attention to vernacular. We often speak of "information diets" or "food for thought." Hemmert parallels information culture with food culture, suggesting that the information culture is still in the ‘fast food stage’ that is characterized by an insatiable appetite, but needs to evolve into more selective and aware approaches.

In his third metaphorical example, Hemmert suggests that we perceive of technology as social beings, as evidenced by terminology like "smartphone."  Hemmert suggests that a device that has body language capability functions could reflect or mirror our own behaviors back to us.

Hemmert cautions us not to fill our moments of boredom or discomfort with technilogical interactions, for it is those moments that provide us with critical reflection and growth.